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Fall On Your Sword at Cameo

Fall on your sword cameo

Fall On Your Sword, an electronic rock band made up of Phil Mossman and Will Bates, had an album release party at Cameo in Williamsburg.

The band, which is supplemented by a drummer, had a variety of toys with them on stage to create an electronically layered symphony blended perfectly with acoustic sounds. In addition to the music, they had pre-made videos projected above which were also mixed live to correspond with the music.

There was definitely a formal element to their show with the men wearing suits and playing their instruments as if they were performing surgery – concentrating on their movements as they delicately hit the keys, turned the knobs, strummed the guitar, and rolled on the snares.

Some other highlights to the show included “When Megan Met Michael” with Michael Caine inserted into the diner scene in “When Harry Met Sally,” “I Might Be Gay” which exclaims, “When I was a little boy, I thought I was special,” and “I’d do Anything For You,” a robot love story in which Mossman ultimately professed he would do anything for Brooklyn.

Fall on your swordAnd of course, I noticed the Pocket Piano among the toys which had a solo in the opening of “Born to Lick Your Face.  FOYS vs Chevy Chase.” Fall On Your Sword also did something else that I haven’t seen anyone else do with the Pocket Piano, they had it set the tempo for an entire song.

Fall on your sword pocket pianoAll in all, it was an entertaining show from start to finish with exciting sounds executed with perfection.


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Ty Segall at Death by Audio

Death by AudioLast night I honestly thought that I had ended up in the Spanish bar Tupperware located in the heart of Malasaña in Madrid but alas I was in the hipster neighborhood of Williamsburg at the musical venue Death by Audio. I say that it reminded me of Spain because people were smoking (to start some trouble I even said to one guy, “You can’t smoke in here” who poignantly took his cigarette out of his mouth, replied, “yes I can” and put the cigarette back into his mouth). It also reminded me of Spain because I overheard many different languages (and got hit on by a German who said he only kind of liked me but that’s a different story). So I sat through the bands whose names – as well as music sounded the same – Heavy Cream, Liquor Store, and Home Blitz.

Finally, after spending my time entertaining myself by asking people if they were wearing Chrome messenger bags (one of my friends is the “head sewer”) the headlining band Ty Segall (pronounced like the actor Steven not the bird) mounted the stage. And guess what, they sounded exactly like the other bands. So as I looked around the crowded room, with people nodding their heads in unison to simple beats and standard guitar chords, I couldn’t handle the inane scene of it all so I left.

All in all, aside from the entertainment I provided myself by causing trouble, I now know what to expect at Death by Audio.

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