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Knock Knock Who’s There, 911, 911 Who? at the Highline Ballroom


Of all of the ways I could have commemorated 9/11, I saw an NYC Style Political Cabaret hosted by Thirsty Girl Productions and Julie Atlas Muz presented at the High Line Ballroom with profits benefiting the Uniformed Firefighter’s Association Widow’s and Children’s Fund.

Individually, each cabaret act had its own perspective on 9/11 and the post 9/11 world while collectively, the evening played out as a tribute and commentary.

There was a general sentiment of discontent. People were not happy with where the world was headed. As mentioned by Reverend Billy and the Church of Earthalujah, people will stop at nothing for peace. Or, as MC Justin Bond said, she was glad we that those in attendance at the Highline Ballroom was there to think about these post 9/11 issues – because someone has to.

Justin Bond Highline BallroomFor the performances without reverie, money and exorbitance were themes. Bunny Love performed to “Young Americans,” wearing a jean jumpsuit and devouring McDonald’s hamburgers before elegantly wiping her mouth with an American flag.

Bunny Love Highline BallroomDirty Martini performed as a justice to God Bless America, having difficulty keeping the scales – filled with money – level. Tigger! went as far as to say that NYC is becoming overrun with Americans.

Dirty Martini Highline BallroomBut there were moments of beauty and brilliance. The Stanley Love Performance Troupe performed to Madonna’s “This Used to be my Playground” with people dressed up as New York City icons including the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and Statue of Liberty. The Twin Towers danced and then said their goodbyes, embracing their fellow New Yorkers.

Stanley Love Highline BallroomJulia Atlas Muz performed a crowd-pleasing number with the accompaniment of Mr. Pussy wearing dreadlocks, singing Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” as videos of post 9/11 politics were projected. Ridiculously brilliant.

Julie Atlas Muz Highline BallroomThe most moving, chilling, stunning piece of the night was performed by Julie Atlas Muz and Tigger! They were dressed as firefighters, motionless, almost paralyzed.

Julie Atlas Muz Tigger! Highline Ballroom They solemnly helped each other strip down, walked upstage, raised their arms above their heads, and let a white dust pour over their bodies, caking themselves in a similar fashion to those who were present at Ground Zero on that day.

Julie Atlas Muz Tigger! Highline Ballroom 911Then they embraced with urgency and Julie Atlas Muz hoisted Tigger! over her shoulder and carried him offstage.

Julie Atlas Muz Tigger! 911 embraceAll in all, the show was a great tribute and a way to collectively grieve about what happened 10 years ago and to shed light how we are still coping with it and its consequences today.


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A billion reasons why it’s my favorite holiday

George W Bush Amherst, NH 1999

George W. Bush kicking off his 2000 presidential campaign in Amherst, NH on the 4th of July, 1999.

A few of years ago, I decided that the 4th of July was my favorite holiday and came up with a list of a “billion” reasons why…

Reason #1: Secular.
Reason #2: You get to hang out with whoever you want – not just your family.
Reason #3: You get to eat a lot of food (and get severe stomach aches) and get more food later.
Reason #4: Summer.
Reason #5: Relaxed.
Reason #6: Tan.
Reason #7: Get to hang out outside.
Reason #8: Everyone gets to celebrate on the 4th of July.
Reason #9: Flags from the greatest nation (besides donation).
Reason #10: Hoodies are welcome.
Reason #11: Lawn chairs.
Reason #12: Fireworks.
Reason #13: Mountain Dew on tap.
Reason #14: Drinking is encouraged.
Reason #15: Hometown love.
Reason #16: Seersucker shorts.
Reason #17: Impromptu high school reunions.
Reason #18: Capturing moments unpredictable moments.
Reason #19: More fireworks.
Reason #20: Boat rides.
Reason #21: Live free or die.
Reason #22: Making new friends.
Reason #23: Swimming while drinking beer and watching fireworks.
Reason #24: Do I need to give another reason?
Reason #25: Jumping in the lake at night.
Reason #26: Peace signs.
Reason #27: More peace signs.
Reason #28: Treading water with a beer in hand.
Reason #29: Longtime friends.
Reason #30: Taking stalkerazzi photos.
Reason #31: Triple overtime in Beer Pong.
Reason #33: You get to eat as many hot dogs as you like.
Reason #34: Shaved heads are allowed.
Reason #35: We have great people to defend our country.
Reason #36: Red heads and brunettes can be friends.
Reason #37: Anything can be considered patriotic on the 4th of July.
Reason #38: Smiles.
Reason #39: Pitchforks and fires.
Reason #40: Warm colors.
Reason #41: Questionable.
Reason #42: Starting USA chants.
Reason #43: Burger King.
Reason #44: McDonald’s.
Reason #45: McDonald’s 24-hour drive thru!
Reason #46: $1 24 oz iced tea.
Reason #47: 2 apples pies for a dollar!
Reason #48: In reference to #37, eating fast food  is considered patriotic.
Reason #49: I had a billion more reasons, but I forgot them on the 4th of July!

All in all, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy 4th of July! Please enjoy all the reasons I listed above!

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