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Reject Dance Theatre presents The Territory Suites

My dream of becoming a professional dancer has finally come true with the opportunity to collaborate with Reject Dance Theatre. My dear friend, Rebecca Hite Teicheira (here’s a post from her MFA Thesis), invited me to be a part of RDT’s first evening length piece, The Territory Suites presented at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, NY.

Reject Dance Theatre Rebecca Hite Teicheira Maria KucinskiAlong with the directors, Rebecca Hite Teicheira, Stephen Ursprung and Stephanie Simpson, I worked with Bridget Cronin, Jermaine Ellis, Cara Hoover, Rachel Pritzlaff, and Larissa Ursprung to explore the idea of territory through three distinct perspectives.

Reject Dance Theatre The Territory SuitesIt was amazing to get back to work in the studio – conditioning my body, learning unique choreography and creating new movement. I forgot just how much I enjoyed dancing and the process of creating dance.

Reject Dance Theatre The Territory SuitesWorking through the many details – from the concrete ones like choreography, spacing, timing, costuming, hair, makeup, and lighting, to the more intangible ones such as presence, interaction, and intention – re-energized me artistically. My favorite part of the process was examining the intention of every step, every movement in the piece, ensuring that there was a reason behind every action.

Reject Dance Theatre The Territory SuitesThrough those intentions, we explored the notion of “territory,” investigating themes of gender identity, human relationships, and animal interactions through choreographic means of collaboration, partnering, and synchronization. The artistic vision of the three choreographers was distinct but centralized along this universal theme.

Reject Dance Theatre The Territory SuitesIt was truly an honor to be a part of something very special for Reject Dance Theatre and its collaborators. I found that I forgot how much I enjoyed performing and am grateful for the opportunity to be on stage once again.

Reject Dance Theatre The Territory Suites Rachel Pritzlaff Rebecca Hite TeicheiraAll in all, it was an inspiring experience to work with so many talented artists.

Reject Dance Theatre The Territory Suites Rachel Pritzlaff

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Megan Mazarick and Mason Rosenthal: Mining the Mine of the Mind for Minderals

Last night I attended the Triskelion Arts 4th Annual Collaborations in Dance Festival in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to see Rebecca Hite’s, The Tale. In addition to that piece, I was taken aback by Megan Mazarick and Mason Rosenthal’s Mining the Mine of the Mind for Minderals.

I must admit that I was at first skeptical when I read in the program that when Megan and Mason met, they felt it was a “match made in heaven when, at their first rehearsal, they spent 3 hours pretending they were Gremlins giving a mansion tour.” I was also a bit skeptical that they were using TED talks as their source material – not the most inventive idea as they are performances unto themselves.

But from start to finish, this piece was entertaining and thought-provoking.

And I don’t mean to use thought-provoking to be funny as the work discussed – through dance and speech – the theories of how the mind works. The performance took the viewer on a ride through shifting physical and mental states using play-on-words (bear, bare, barely, Barry White, etc.) and didactic exercises explaining dualism vs. monism. Who can go wrong exploring metaphysics? Especially with such enthusiasm and candor.

Mazarick’s movements were exact and finely finessed and Rosenthal’s acting was subtle and enthralling. It made for a perfect blend of dance and theater.

All in all, I enjoyed the dynamic tour of the mind led by Mazarick and Rosenthal.

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