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Gravity Sleeps at the Factory

I don’t really have much to say about the party hosted by Gravity Sleeps at the Factory on Saturday night except that it was awesome. There was so much energy surrounding the artworks on display and the performances happening throughout the building. I just really let myself enjoy it all.

I came across this party through friends – turns out I know the cool guys who founded Gravity Sleeps Samuel Baumel and Wesley Wingo through NYU. They are currently in residence at the Factory, using it to create films, record music, host photoshoots and do other awesome stuff. More details about their work here.

The best part of the night was running into so many cool people. I saw lots of old friends and some recent friends that I hadn’t seen in a while who happened to have work in the show, I made some new friends, and I saw a star of a reality show who held his head in shame when I recognized him (when I think I should be the embarrassed one for admitting to watching reality tv).

All in all, it seems like there is a great vibe of young and talented artists, producers, and entrepreneurs in NYC that are making things happen.


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