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Zoe | Juniper: A Crack in Everything at New York Live Arts

Zoe Juniper A Crack in Everything Christopher Duggan

Alexander McQueen meets Merce Cunningham’s BIPED meets Broadway’s Sunday in the Park with George Revival 2008 meets Nacho Duato in Zoe | Juniper’s stunning and frightening A Crack in Everything.

Zoe Juniper A Crack in Everything Christopher DugganI ran into an old friend of mine at the Gibney Dance Center on Monday night who said that he was performing with Zoe | Juniper this very week. I said, I would love to see him perform but I had no idea just how amazing and absolutely unique the performance was going to be.

Zoe Juniper A Crack in Everything Gia GoodrichA Crack in Everything has everything – dramatic costumes, complex projections, dynamic pacing, a rich score, exquisite dancing – and yet it is not over the top. It all works together seamlessly to present an intellectual and animalistic expression in dance exploring the thresholds of conscious/unconscious, action/reaction, before/after and cause/effect.

Zoe Juniper A Crack in Everything Gia Goodrich Raja Feather KellyThere were many moments where I thought, “this can not go any further” – where the limits were pushed to the brink, and yet the performance crossed that brink and continued with this flawless yet forceful elegance.

All in all, Zoe | Juniper has fulfilled the purpose of their collaboration to immerse the audience in the conjunction of the physical and fantastical realms.

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