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Liz Gerring: She Dreams in Code at Baryshnikov Arts Center

Liz Gerring She Dreams in Code

Photo by Miguel Anaya.

Liz Gerring Dance Company’s She Dreams in Code is like watching the Ironman competition of dance. Forget the projected videos, the neo-yoga costumes, the lighting, the poetry, and the music, and you have something I want to watch.

The dynamics between fast and slow, high and low, and lifted and grounded are executed by amazingly strong dancers who have the technique and finesse to execute a 50 minute piece flawlessly. The most breathtaking moments occurred when the female dancers executed multiple jumps from squatting to full extension – jumping two feet to the side – to squatting again and then balanced in relevĂ© for a low arabesque for many seconds.

All in all, stripped down, this work was impressive and needed nothing but the dance.

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