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Ice Cream Lesson with 365 Scoops

365 ScoopsI love ice cream. It is my favorite food and I recently had the amazing opportunity to have an “ice cream lesson” with 365 Scoops. 365 Scoops was founded by Naomi Sugar (her real name) pursuing her passion of making home-made, organic ice cream.

The ingredientsI brought my friend Matt to the lesson. He has some culinary skills, unlike me who is somewhat domestically challenged. I was very nervous about messing things up. And guess what? Turns out there is a lot you can mess up…That said, we successfully made two ice creams with the expert guidance of Naomi!

Vanilla bean with caramel and chocolate covered waffle cone

Vanilla bean with caramel and chocolate covered waffle cone

Chocolate with chocolate peanut butter cup brownies

Chocolate with chocolate peanut butter cup brownies

The process was very intense.

We started by making the fixins. Brownies from scratch (undercooked for gooey-ness when it gets frozen), waffle cones that we painted with chocolate, and the most challenging part – the caramel.

Sugar to caramelFirst, the sugar gets heated up in a pot and eventually gets chunky and melts. The melting happens in a split second and then the race is on to add butter and cream before it burns. The temperature has to be just right to get the right consistency. (Something that can be easily messed up.)

CaramelThen we made the ice cream base by heating up half and half on the stove. For the chocolate base, we added the cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and unsweetened chocolate before the egg yolk and sugar mix. For the vanilla bean base, we added the egg yolk and sugar mixture before the vanilla bean paste and vanilla bean extract. During this process, known as tempering the eggs, we needed to make sure the eggs didn’t get too hot, becoming “temperamental” and turning into scrambled eggs. Not the kind of ice cream we would want to eat! Matt and I successfully made the bases without scrambling any eggs!

Matt Stopera making chocolate ice cream baseThen, we poured the bases into the ice cream makers and let them churn for about twenty minutes. We added the mixins after the bases were cold and voila! We made ice cream!

Chocolate ice cream churningAll in all, it was a great experience learning how simple yet how tricky it is to make ice cream. I would definitely recommend a lesson with 365 Scoops!


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