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Two Hearts by Benjamin Millepied

Two Hearts (World Premiere) Benjamin Millepied

With music by Nico Muhly and costumes by Rodarte, Two Hearts is a subtle and elegant dance of romance with structure and power.

Two Hearts (World Premiere) Benjamin Millepied

The most noticeable thing about this piece is how quiet it is. I did not hear one clanking of pointe shoes on the marley floor. Not one pounding of the men coming down from challenging jumps. Not the heaving breaths from dancers. It was so quiet that it felt like there was something wrong with my hearing. An unexpected element that added to its beauty.

The intricacies of the layered choreography of the corps could truly be found through that silence. They were off and onstage and together and apart so quickly and so effortlessly, adding to the spectacular pairing of Tiler Peck and Tyler Angle. Their emotion was palpable but not over the top. And their dancing was spectacular.

Two Hearts (World Premiere) Benjamin Millepied

All in all, with its minimalism in all but the choreography, this work is one of my new favorites.

P.s. As my friend and I were discussing all the things we loved about the piece, the lighting, the costumes, the music, the choreography, she said, nonchalantly, “and the time-code of the music…exquisite.” No joke.

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