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Ann, Or Other People presented by Broken Glass

Ann, or other peopleAnn, or other people written by Jonathan Mayer and directed by Taylor Tobin, presented by Broken Glass had its world premiere at Access Theatre. As the program noted, the play is a psychodrama/fantasia that follows Ann Coulter’s quest to find a life of meaning and purpose after the dissolution of her media career. It was quite an intense play with a shuffled narrative and a cast of characters that acted as Ann’s foils.

My favorite scene was “The Church of Ann Coulter” where Ann decides to start a cult devoted to making one’s self better by following her simple rules. At this point, Kendra Leigh Landon, who played a hard-edged, over-medicated yet layered Ann, looks to the audience to share her canon. It was a brilliant and universal scene that could have been transposed to any number of the pundits who are looking to earn a buck after their contracts end on network news stations.

All in all, I enjoyed the journey through Ann’s post-media career life and I look forward to seeing the next play written by Jonathan Mayer.

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