Stitching together a podcast launch public relations strategy

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For the launch of Endless Thread, a new podcast by WBUR and Reddit, my team at Greenough, in collaboration with WBUR and Reddit, developed a tailored media strategy to cultivate media interest and drive awareness of this unprecedented partnership in which WBUR producers Ben Brock Johnson and Amory Sivertson delve into Reddit’s boundless communities to explore some of the most compelling stories the internet has to offer, including revelations about shared experiences and powerful, personal stories.

Although podcasts are tremendously popular with consumers, there is a lot of competition among new podcasts and a small pool of media outlets and reporters covering the medium. Thus, our media strategy was developed to distinguish Endless Thread from the competition. We did this by focusing our attention on building momentum leading up to the launch by providing advance access to the producers and to the content. This included leveraging the Third Coast Festival by hosting a pre-launch event in which the podcast was previewed by select members of the media, drafting a press release and identifying specific media targets to conduct advanced outreach prior to the official announcement of the podcast, and conducting aggressive outreach and follow-up to a comprehensive list of media whose coverage areas span business, technology, media, podcasting and culture.

As a result of executing this plan, we secured 18 pieces of coverage and generated considerable interest even if it did not result in immediate coverage. On the day of the announcement, December 5, 2017, we saw extensive coverage in Nieman Lab’s Hot Pod, Variety, Current, CNET, BostInno, Boston Business Journal and Radio Ink. As we continued follow-up with media throughout December and into January, sharing previews of the first two episodes we secured additional coverage leading up to the official launch in Vulture and Columbia Journalism Review. Following the launch on January 12, we saw coverage in the CBC’s Podcast Playlist, Refinery29, AV Club’s Podmass, the Bello Collective, Boston Globe, Harvard Crimson, The Upgrade, USA Today, and TIME.

The best part of all this coverage we garnered was that there was an amazing amount of enthusiasm and excitement about Endless Thread.

  • Vulture proclaimed that it was one of “The 12 Podcasts We Can’t Wait to Hear in 2018”
  • Refinery 29 featured it as one of “The Brand New Podcasts Of 2018 We’re Most Excited About”
  • Time named it one of “The 50 Best Podcasts to Listen to Right Now”
  • USA Today declared it is one of the “5 news podcasts you should be listening to”

I credit this success to a great idea, a fantastic product, strategic planning, and teamwork among all of the partners.

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  1. WOW! That is impressive launch coverage!!!

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