Morphoses: WITHIN (Labyrinth Within) at the Joyce

Morphoses: WITHIN (Labyrinth Within) by Pontus Lidberg is a dramatic dance-narrative that tells the story of interconnected lovers with film segments that intertwine with live dance to create a piece that is pure sex.

With composer David Lang, cinematographer Martin Nisser, and costume designer Karen Young, Lidberg expresses heightened emotions through high-contact partnering that is elegant yet deeply weighted. This emotional tension is carried throughout the interplay between the film and the live dancers as they mirror and respond to each other.

The set design, styling, and lighting in the film were perfection- subtle yet striking. It was as if Eve Sussman and Wim Wenders had come together to make a dance film. I loved the unerring continuity and the attention to detail throughout (including the coat racks in each scene). New York City Ballet’s Wendy Whelan is exquisite with the contemporary choreography and acting. Plus, Morphoses probably has the best looking male dancers I have ever seen.

All in all, I enjoyed this piece with its use of film integration, technical execution, and intense emotion.

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