Franklin High School’s 50th Anniversary

John Kucinski Franklin High School Cornerstone Ceremony 2012I consider myself very lucky for my family heritage. My grandfather, Romuald Kucinski, joined the US Navy through the GI Bill of 1944, returned to Milwaukee to attend college, became a teacher and recreation department director and then in 1962, he was asked by the town of Franklin, Wisconsin to become the first principal of the high school.

Romuald Kucinski Principal Franklin High School

50 years later, the community celebrated the founding of the high school with various events including opening the Cornerstone Ceremony in which a time capsule sealed in October 1962 was opened. It was a lovely event with speeches by the current mayor, the first athletic director, the current athletic director, the current principal, a founding school board member, former students, and my dad, standing in for my late grandfather.

Franklin High School Time Capsule

Following the speeches, the time capsule was opened. Inside, we found many documents including report cards, students memories/predictions, the school’s handbook, a scroll with everyone’s signature, among other items. Everything was perfectly preserved. A treasure for the town to keep.

All in all, I was so happy to attend the cornerstone ceremony – to witness part of the community’s history as well as my family’s history. For more information regarding the history of Franklin High School, I defer to my father’s speech read at the ceremony. Download the speech here: Franklin High School’s 50th Anniversary Remarks by John Kucinski


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