US Open

Bradley Klahn at 2012 US Open

Bradley Klahn, the American Rookie.

Watching the US Open in Flushing Meadows, NY is a lot of fun. More fun than I originally thought with a Busch Gardens attitude on the compound contrasting with the uppity nature of the game itself. Something worth mocking and celebrating at the same time.

My friends and I found seats in the direct sun at Court 17 where Bradley Klahn, the recent college grad played 13-seeded Richard Gasquet. It was evident that these two players had two very different ways of playing. Klahn lacked control and finesse while Gasquet was elegant and nimble.

Richard Gasquet at 2012 US Open

Richard Gasquet, French with finesse.

As much as I wanted to root for Klahn and his all-American demeanor, I had to root for Gasquet for his strategic play, his power, and his beautiful serve. His serve began with a breathtaking extension of the arm and hand as if to just gently toss the ball in the air for it to stay suspended followed by a tidal-wave of exertion from the other side of his body to crush that ball with accuracy onto the other side of the court. Stunning.

Richard Gasquet Serving

Besides Gasquet’s serve, my favorite part was watching the ball boys/girls. They were like the corps de ballet of tennis. Highly choreographed, in matching costumes, and at the whim of the principal tennis stars. I envision they could make a movie about a young ball boy’s dream of becoming a professional tennis player called, “Save the Last Match.”

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed watching tennis but with its formality and patient nature, I can see why tennis is not America’s pastime.

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