Performa Hub Opening

Andrey Kuzkin Natural PhenomenaMy friend and I had made plans to meet up the other night when we decided what better place to meet than the Performa Hub on its opening night.

The Hub is located at 233 Mott Street and is open daily 12-7 pm. Within the church/convent/school building they have visual exhibitions about performance including 33 Fragments of Russian Performance and Andrey Kuzkin: Natural Phenomena (still above) open through November 23.

L'Encyclopedie de la parole ChoraleWe also saw a Performa Project by the French artist collective, L’Encyclopedie de la parole Chorale who prepared a vocal performance of harmonious speech, as they spoke famous youtube clips. It was an interesting study in formal performance of subject matter frozen in flat screens. The recreation of the voices and intonations from familiar clips such as “Double Dream Hands” were spot on and the non-spoken sounds were hilarious as performed by the chorus. I also thoroughly enjoyed watching the conductor.

All in all, I am excited by the programs put on by Performa.

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