Joe Grillo & Jason McLean at Allegra LaViola

Joe Grillo o-pee-chee dirt pileLongtime friends, Joe Grillo and Jason McLean opened a new exhibit at Allegra LaViola on the Lower East Side entitled O-Pee-Chee Dirt Pile. The exhibition is comprised of drawings, collage, painting and installation works by the two artists both collaboratively and solo.

The exhibition is a playground for the eye, with hundreds of individual, colorful works lining the walls of the expansive LES space. Individually, the artwork is playful and familiar with intricate, hand-drawn lines. There is also a wall that has reference pieces for the work and one wall comprised solely of drawings of red-orange bats.

Also of note was the graffitti wall in the back courtyard that was actively painted on throughout the show. Somehow I left the reception with drips of blue spraypaint all down my right arm…

All in all, the work is entertaining as always.


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Filed under Art, Painting and Sculpture

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