Fatty ‘Cue

Fatty CueFatty ‘Cue is a rustic-looking restaurant in South Williamsburg with a five page menu filled with interesting cuts of meat and fish all with some element of Southeast Asian cuisine. They boast, “Our goal is to balance quivering fatty morsels of deliciousness with bright citrus notes, fiery chili heat, rich fermented and briny washes and complex, unrefined, natural sweetness.”

My friend and I did not hold back, ordering lamb ribs with cincalok and white wine brine with a garlic-lemon emulsion, beer battered okra with fresh cheese, manila clams with coriander bacon in a bone broth and brisket with chili jam, aioli, bao, pickled red onion, and bone broth.

Start to finish, this meal was stunning.

The lamb ribs were succulent, paired perfectly with the emulsion that was to-die-for, the okra was interesting, the clams were incredible, and the brisket was a home run. My friend and I sat excitedly as we calculated how to create the perfect brisket and pork bun sandwich – dipping the lean pieces in the au jus, then smothered the pork bun in the sweet and spicy chili jam and aioli, topping it off with pickled red onion and cilantro. The tanginess, the sweetness, the saltiness. Amazing.

All in all, I feel like no where else but New York can you find a barbecue restaurant that infuses Southeast Asian cuisine into its menu.


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