Cobretti at K&M

CobrettiLast night I saw the super cool band, Cobretti play at K&M in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. When my friends and I first arrived, one of the drummers (there is a two person drum set) told me that the bartender asked them to not play so loudly because of the tin ceilings. Knowing well enough that Cobretti always rocks hard, we came prepared with earplugs.

The drummer then told me that they were a skate band (Red Bull skate competition videos were projected behind them throughout the set) who just wanted to rock. And that is what they did.

They opened the show with a little diddy on the Kaleidoloop and then went full force into their beachy punk music with a hard edge and screeching vocals. Maybe one of the distinguishing things about the band is the megatom. And I love the toms.

All in all, I want to learn how to skate so I can hang out with these guys more often.


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