Rioult at the Joyce

Rioult Views of the Fleeting WorldLast night, the NYU Women’s Initiative hosted a reception at the Joyce Theater featuring special guests from Steinhardt‘s Dance Education Program including Director, Susan Koff.

Women gathered from all industries to learn about Steinhardt’s cutting edge initiatives in dance education. It was really great to hear about the different Master’s degree programs offered – a teaching dance K-12 teacher certification and a teaching dance in the professions with a special concentration in ABT ballet pedagogy. Students who completed both programs spoke about their experiences citing that the program offered a unique interdisciplinary approach to teaching dance.

Following the reception, we found our seats in the theater to watch Rioult perform Views of the Fleeting World (2008), City (2010), and Celestial Tides (World Premiere). The style of Rioult is beautiful with strong technique and great movement quality that emanates from 1st position and leads to stunning lines.

But, from these gorgeous positions, Views of a Fleeting World turned into a total cheesefest. There is nothing I hate more than that cheesy half smile from a dancer who may or may not be having the time of their life on stage solo at the Joyce. Please don’t make me join in on your feigned happiness. At that point, I was turned off to the dancing and the narrative, focusing rather to pick out the dancers’ flaws. Too short. Too flamboyant. Too “I was the best in my dance class growing up.” Gag.

City opened with a projection of a crowd of people with the dancers blending in, which screamed, “We’re just a face in the bump and grind of every day life. How do we escape?!” Cue to robotic dancing where each dancers has a moment to “freak out” under a spotlight. Then, the four dancers finally escape the monotony of the city. Rejoice! Individualism reigns! Happiness with a half smile!

All in all, it was a great event hosted by NYU’s Women’s Initiative. I really enjoyed learning about NYU’s programs and meeting wonderful people at the reception.



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2 responses to “Rioult at the Joyce

  1. Well, this makes me feel a bit better for not missing it. 🙂

  2. Keep in mind that this is only one person’s opinion. See what Philip Gardner, a well respected dance writer, of Oberon’s Grove has to say. . .

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