Gibney Dance at Ailey Citigroup Theater

Gibney Dance Anja Hitzenberger

Photo by Anja Hitzenberger.

Gibney Dance marked an important milestone at the Ailey Citigroup Theater with Retro-ACTIVE, which celebrated 20 years of evocative choreography.

The program included excerpts from evening length works including Time Remaining (2002), Thrown (2004), Several Truths (2001), The Distance Between Us (2007), View Partially Obstructed (2009), and my personal favorite, unbounded (2005). Having seen most of these works before, I was really thrilled with the curation of the night, each work focusing on spacial awareness and partnering.

The night also included new twists on the original choreography with the addition of men to the company performing works that were created on women. For example, the duet with Andrew Avery and Joshua Palmer in The Distance Between Us evoked a tension that hasn’t been seen in Gibney work for ten years. unbounded also had an interesting dynamic with its intensely difficult choreography that challenged the male and female bodies very differently.

All in all, it was wonderful to see this array of powerful work by Gibney Dance on stage.


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