ReflectionI’ve decided it’s time to check in and do a little reflection post.

It’s been 3 months since I started my blog. I’ve had 23 posts and almost 1,000 views. Woo! So far it’s been a very good experience for me. I’ve felt a sense of accomplishment from publishing posts – no matter how short or uninsightful they may be – allowing me to keep things in perspective. This blog has given me the opportunity to really reflect on the wonderful experiences I have and realize that I’ve recently met some really great people and been able to deepen meaningful friendships. I have also earned respect from some very close friends and colleagues that puts our relationships on a new level.

I also recently had a cool experience that took me on an insider’s tour of all things visual arts in New York City. I can’t go into specifics, but it gave me a well-rounded look at the “ecosystem” that is the visual arts. I learned firsthand just exactly how all the players play from major players themselves. It was enlightening to hear them speak very candidly about their jobs, their organizations, and the market. The most interesting points we talked about were how things in the visual arts market have shifted in the last 50 years and especially in the last ten years.  (I also have to mention that I was shocked and proud when one piece of evidence I used in my colloquium – a theory by Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America – was mentioned by a major collector about the state of the nonprofit sector.)

So I would say that at this moment, I am winning. I am continuing to learn and grow and slowly getting my confidence back. My plans for the future are constantly being recalibrated and I think that’s something that I’m learning to accept. I’m a firm believer in always being prepared for whatever opportunity. I’m just so thankful for my network of friends and colleagues who continue to support me.

Okay, that’s enough sappy reflection for now. More cool things to come.



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2 responses to “Winning?

  1. 🙂 And spring is just around the corner so things DO look bright! Go girlfriend, go!

  2. Nicholas

    Gallatin prepares you for real life! You’re always a winner!

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