Paul Taylor at City Center

For some reason, I was under the impression that I had seen Paul Taylor Dance Company perform before and that it wasn’t my cup of tea – boy was I wrong. With the impeccable technique of the dancers, the vocabulary of movement, the seamless traffic patterns, and the overall themes, the Paul Taylor Dance Company is something I won’t be mistaken about again.

Speaking in Tongues was a beautiful and emotionally charged piece about religion in a community setting while Black Tuesday was a lighthearted and even funny piece though it dealt with the Great Depression. Throughout both of these pieces, the narrative was easily understood through the choreography but not overly explicit. The dancing was amazing. The dancers were all uniform. The costumes were simple. The lighting was great. I really have nothing to bad to say. It was also nice to see former Gibney Dance dancer, Michael Novak on the big stage.

I must also mention that I went to the performance with “Great Depression” prices where all tickets were $19.29 (plus $6 in fees). Interestingly enough, I found the audience to be filled with older people than might be expected with those prices.

All in all, I appreciated the technical and artistic execution of the dancing from the Paul Taylor Dance Company.


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