DADARHEA at Canada Gallery

DADARHEAAt the packed New York debut of DADARHEA at the Canada Gallery, I saw some of the collaborators including Devin Flynn, Jim Drain, Ross Goldstein, Trish Riefert, Melissa Brown, Bec Stupak, Joe Grillo, and Laura Grant. Unfortunately, the video cut out during the premiere – right at the baby alligator sketch – and I was too ill to stay while they patched things up.

Since then, I’ve been trying to describe just exactly what DADARHEA is and can’t quite put my finger on it. DADARHEA describes itself as “an unruly feature length hydrabeast.” In my opinion it’s sort of like a crazy hodgepodge of performance and video art mixed together with multicolored animated shorts and lots of disgusting material. Every part of the film has been executed extremely well and I think other than looking at the technical merit, this kind of work has to be looked at with a sense of humor. If you take it too seriously, you’ve lost the meaning behind it (which I’m sure there’s no real meaning which has meaning in and of itself).

My favorite parts were of course the not-so-disgusting parts like the subtle brilliance in the “The Price is Right” montage.

All in all, if you want to see some work by some pretty cool artists all at once, check out DADARHEA.


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