Broad City’s Season 2 Premiere

The Season 2 premiere of Broad City is finally here. Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson open the season with “Valentine’s Day,” a romantically soft episode that finds it comedic reality when the girls end up fighting over the ending of Thelma and Louise.

I enjoy the painfully awkward moments that the boisterous and sexual Ilana and the shy and prudish Abbi share. It doesn’t matter if these girls are on the street, at work, in a bar, or at brunch with their mothers, when some sort of awkward occurrence happens – the kinds that happens to us all every day. The cringeworthy reactions to these occurrences, however, never ceases to amaze me. The fact that Broad City is so true to real life yet the girls are some sort abstract but strangely real people all the same makes it totally hilarious.

I must say that my favorite scene from Season 1 of Broad City comes from the episode, “Instant Karma” when Ilana and Abbi enter the uber hipster McCarren Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Abbi says, “This is a park. We are allowed to be in it. We can do this.” I mean, who hasn’t felt that sense of anxiety when entering a park lined with benches full of judgmental people? It is this sense of fitting in and figuring out how to navigate social restrictions that lies at the core of Broad City.

All in all, I love how Broad City celebrates how not-so-put-together these girls are emotionally or physically and the encounters they have in New York City.


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