Little Anchor

Little Anchor

Little Anchor at Glasslands

I have known Alexa Cabellon, the lead singer/songwriter of Little Anchor for many years. The story goes that Alexa always wanted to be a songwriter but it wasn’t until she recorded a demo that someone told Alexa that she could sing and thus Little Anchor was born. Last night, they celebrated the release of the angelic ballad, “Until Our Eyes Adjust” at Glasslands. Although it was a bitterly cold night on the water in Williamsburg, old and new friends alike came out to support Little Anchor and the lighthearted yet emotionally charged sweetness of their music.

Also on the ballot was the awkward boy band, Uncles and the awesome spook pop band, Deidre. Honorable mentions go to the guys who were doing live lighting with remote controls on the side. They made my night.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening to celebrate the music of friends.


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