Gibney Dance Open Studio

Every dance company has open studios where they invite select members of their community to view their works in an intimate setting. For most organizations, this is a perk bestowed upon the most delicately, handcrafted group of patrons, but that’s not the case with Gibney Dance. Gibney Dance generously offers its audience the opportunity to view works in process at the studio many times throughout the year. Not only is one afforded the opportunity to view the work in an informal setting, but Gina invites the audience to provide feedback.

Gibney Dance, with whom I’ve had a long history of involvement, presented an excerpt from View Partially Obstructed complete with visuals from Joshue Ott of SuperDraw, music by Ryan Lott and costumes by Lex Liang. It was a lovely night with a moving performance – each time I see this piece, I see and feel something new – complete with the special opportunity of having to catch a prop before it fell to the ground. I really appreciate the Open Studios Gibney Dance puts on along with the other community related events including Sorry I Missed your Show, One Shot, and Boo-Koo which all take place at the newly expanded Gibney Dance Center at 890 Broadway.

As always, the lovely Courtney Drasner was graceful and elegant yet powerful and sure with her movement. Here is an excerpt from the open studio.

All in all, it was wonderful to see live dance that continues to morph each time I see it. That is the beauty of dance.



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2 responses to “Gibney Dance Open Studio

  1. Love the ending dance of “View Partially Obstructed.” The SuperDraw visuals are so neat and make the dancer look like a flickering image on a TV screen, instead of a person in the flesh.

  2. And I love the use of shadow as a dance element….it expands the landscape and adds depth. Very nice, makes me wish I lived in NYC 🙂

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