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Erin Kennedy Photography

It’s time to share photographs from my good friend, Erin Kennedy who took the photo that is my website’s banner (see above). That photo was taken in July of 2010 in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It is a candid shot taken with film. The uncropped photo shows a much more expansive and desolate space with the last bit of sun turning dark over the city. I think it is a gorgeous shot in its lighting, framing, and feeling – perfect for my “musings.”

Over the past few years, Erin has taken photos in a host of intimate moments that span from laying in bed to being out at social events. She has the ability to capture the light – both cool and warm – and capture pensive and mostly joyful photos of her subjects. She excels at capturing people engaged in another act.

Here are a few of her photos:

Erin Kennedy Seville, 2010

Seville, 2010

Erin Kennedy Sunday, 2010

Sunday, 2010

Erin Kennedy Katie, 2010

Katie, 2010

Erin Kennedy Burt, 2010

Burt, 2010

Erin Kennedy Broad with a mic, 2010

Broad with a mic, 2010

Erin Kennedy Eleanor, 2010

Eleanor, 2010

Erin Kennedy Harlot, 2010

Harlot, 2010

Erin Kennedy Lust, 2010

Lust, 2010

Erin Kennedy Obsession, 2010

Obsession, 2010

Erin Kennedy Corey, 2010

Corey, 2010

Erin Kennedy Sam on a chair, 2010

Sam on a chair, 2010

Erin Kennedy Stolen, 2011

Stolen, 2011

Erin Kennedy Drinking with Beebs, 2010

Drinking with Beebs, 2010

Erin Kennedy Sexx, 2011

Sexx, 2011

Erin Kennedy Love, 2010

Love, 2010

Erin Kennedy Paulina's Prey, 2011

Paulina's Prey, 2011

Erin Kennedy It's my property, 2010

It's my property, 2010

All in all, Erin’s photography is gritty and real and emotive and beautiful.

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The Yellow Dogs at Glasslands

The Yellow DogsThe Iranian indie rock band, The Yellow Dogs played an awesome set at Glasslands in Brooklyn. Their music, though not approved by Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, has kicking beats and stellar melodies.

All in all, I just want to dance to their music.

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Javelin at Glasslands


George Langford and Tom van Buskirk of Javelin

As I mentioned in a previous post, I spent some time with the band Javelin and it just so happened that they were playing at Glasslands in Brooklyn this weekend. The show sold out and as I walked in with Alois Kronschlaeger (holding two large platters of food), we were greeted by Tom van Buskirk, wearing a bright orange jacket. He thanked us for coming and we settled in to hear the opening acts Monster Rally and High Life.

Like most Javelin shows, the atmosphere was super energetic. People were ready to hear the electro-synth music that combines punk, r&b, and latin rhythms into a unique sound that cannot be replicated. In addition to that unique sound, Javelin performs unlike any other band, playing live with a plethora of electronic gear on stage – Tom even wears instruments around his neck and hits pedals with his toes. At this concert, Javelin played some new stuff which reaches the next level of sonic genius with its intense beats, complex synthesis, and fancy layering. I have never seen George Langford rock out so hard on his drum machine and Tom as always jumped around while singing songs like “Soda Popinsky.”

All in all, it was an amazing show. I can’t wait to hear more of their new material.

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